It’s Time For A Fashion Revolution

Speak up and let brands know you want them to protect workers and the environment.

What seems a very simple question, #whomademyclothes, rarely has a simple answer. Fashion Revolution started five years ago to demand that brands do a better job with that answer.

After the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed five years ago, two London-based designers, Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro, got into action. They launched Fashion Revolution as a consumer movement to encourage companies to be more transparent as well as vigilant about protecting workers and the environment.

The campaign has become a global sensation, with millions of people worldwide taking part online and at hundreds of offline events. Here’s how you can help change one of the world’s most beloved–and most polluting–industries.

Getting involved can be as simple as taking a selfie and tagging a brand to urge them to be transparent, spreading the word and, of course, buying from brands who are addressing concerns about sustainability and worker safety. Find out more at Fashion Revolution, read more about the founders, and check out Fashion Revolution’s groundbreaking Fashion Transparency Index to find out which brands are making progress.


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